Different Ideas For Prospecting And Client Getting

Categories: Offline Marketing | Posted on Aug 7, 2017

If you are on this site, then you know we have a lot of ways to prospect or as I like to call it Client Getting or better put Money Getting. Here are some ways that you might have or might not have thought about as far as finding new clients in addition to the Donut Method, Email Marketing, LinkedIn Method and Ringless Voicemail.

Almost any local business could benefit from your services. Even a small local convenience store could bring in more business by having a website and email list! No customer is too small to have an online presence, so don’t worry about trying to approach “just the right type of business”. In fact, any business is the right type of business for this system!

There are many ways to potentially find clients. We’re going to look at some of the best ways to find local businesses that might be receptive to your services.

Cold Calling
Many people prefer to call businesses rather than hitting the streets and going door to door. It’s less effective than walking in, but it’s easier, especially if you don’t have good transportation.

Seminars and Speaking Engagements
One extremely effective way to find clients is to speak at seminars and other local events where you know business owners will be. If you can’t find an event to speak at, set one up! If you arrange a free seminar on how businesses can use the internet to get more business, you’re sure to find a few people who will want your services after hearing your “expert” speech. Flyers Flyers can be very effective if you word them well. Don’t focus your marketing material on building websites, but on bringing the company more business.

Direct Mail Marketing
If you’ve ever received an advertisement in the forum of a sales letter or postcard in the mail, (and who hasn’t?) then you’ve seen direct mail marketing in action. A good direct mail campaign can be very effective.

One of the best ways to find business is by just walking in and asking to speak to the manager. Talking face to face is a great way to establish trust.

Chamber of Commerce Meetings
If your area has a local Chamber of Commerce or other business organization, be sure to attend as many of their meetings as you can. Networking with other business owners is a fantastic way to pick up business, as well as referrals.

Business Cards
Some people get a great deal of business simply by giving a business card to every business owner they come in contact with. Get a haircut? Give the salon owner a card. Just got your car repaired? Don’t forget to slip your card to the owner of the shop!

Yellow Pages
Start by browsing through the yellow pages of your local directory searching for start up business or mom & pop shops that could use your help. You can also use online search engines to determine newly registered businesses in your local area.

Look Online!
Regardless if your client already has an existing website, it may be in need of an overhaul or revision. Use the major search engines to find both local and distance businesses that need some work. You could also browse through online business directories and marketplaces including www.clickbank.com and www.cj.com to find online businesses that could be improved through both web design, sales funnel, sales copy, list building, traffic campaigns and more!

Newspaper Advertising
Don’t forget about the power of your local newspaper. An ad in the “Business Services” section is inexpensive, but may not be as effective as a larger ad. But either type of add should bring in enough business to justify the cost if your ad is well written.