Email Marketing To Businesses

Categories: Email Marketing | Posted on Aug 7, 2017

Prospecting with cold email still works. However, it is the least effective of the methods. It is never a bad thing to mix up all the prospecting methods. Never rely on only one.

This process is straight forward. We are going to look for auto repair shops that are advertising because they are looking for new customers. They are spending money to acquire new business. So, they will gladly open the check book to a consultant they know, like and trust.

And it just so happens if you are using the Ringless Voice Mail method you will have a lot of email addresses to send to.
Below are other ways to find contractors to email. There are a bunch of ways to skin the cat.

Our goal is to sell lead generation right now to our clients, and so one of the best places to find potential customers is Google Places. We will sell the SEO, websites, reputation management, etc. after we have built trust.

The ideal client will be someone who is listed on Google Places, however somewhat far down on the list. The sweet spot I have found are the auto repair shops position 8 and below.

The first step is to search Google for Auto Repair in your home town: You can target any city or town since this method does not require you to meet your clients or be in the same city that you are servicing. But you will always do best working in your own back yard.
In this example, I am searching for Roofing Contractors in Kansas City, because it is a fairly large city and I know there will be a large number of results. However, remember that people that need Auto Repair services are not going to want to drive a long distance to get their car repaired. Geo-Specific the suburbs are also important.

Here is a quick checklist of what I look for when searching for potential Google Local clients:
• The business listing is not in the top 3 results
• Position 8 through 20 is my sweet spot
• No pictures are in their Google Places listing
• No, or few Google reviews, or even better, bad reviews
• No website or lead capture

Pro tip: Make sure the shop is still in business. If it not open, you will see “permanently closed” in the listing.
If a business meets the criteria listed, odds are they haven’t spent much time optimizing their Google profile. they are losing business and when you fix their problem they will pay you handsomely. We can provide a tremendous service to these businesses, as just a few small tweaks will launch them up Google’s local results.

Another thing I look for in the local results is how much competition there is for their business. For starters, how many other businesses are listed in Google Places, and how high are they in the ranking? And does the competition have optimized listings with reviews, hours of operation, and pictures?

A client I am targeting will have a listing that should be in the 8th-20th place. The competition in the top 3 spots should have few reviews and pictures as well. If this is this case, it would be easy to boost the business into the top 3 since they are already close, and their competition has not optimized their profiles.