Generating Business Leads With LinkedIn

Categories: Lead Generation | Posted on Aug 4, 2017

Follow the guide below to optimize your digital presence for lead generation through Linkedin

Prospecting and getting appointments on LinkedIn is very easy. If done right you won’t need any other prospecting method. This will take a week or so to get up and running. If you have an existing LinkedIn account you are a step ahead on the learning curve. If not, that is OK. I am going to walk you through everything.

First thing is to set your account up properly. It’s simple. Here are screen shots of my LinkedIn account. Since you have bought this course, you are on my team. So, it’s OK to use the stats in my profile.

You will enter your name and title. You can follow my blueprint. Just make it follow along with your city, state, country, etc.
Dental Practice Marketing Confidential – The Complete Guide To Six Figures In The Dental Market

I know it’s basic stuff. But you want to convey yourself to be as professional as possible. You will want a good photo of yourself. This is a professional network. The picture doesn’t have to be professionally done. But it needs to look good.

You will want to fill out the Headline and the Current Position. This is going to be your business profile so do not include previous jobs or anything not relevant to your business. You want to be the go to person. The Dental Marketing Expert.

Second is to start contacting people and connecting. To connect with business owners initially you want to do this. Although we are connecting with dentists, we want to connect with other professionals. The people that are more likely at first to connect when we request are auto sales and advertising sales. That will build your connections number up so that you can begin to target dentists.
Start reaching out to dentists, auto sales, advertising sales, plumbers, and realtors. These are professions that I found that are happy to connect on LinkedIn. We are doing this only for number of connections.

Once we have around 100 connections you can start this approach as well. You should send no more than 15-20 invite to connects a day. You can do a search for dentists all over the country. You can view unlimited profiles per day. The following day see who viewed your profile. Those dentists who viewed your profile are free to connect with. Send them an invite using the email template we discussed.

Do this for 3 or 4 days. You should have enough dental connections that we can start to have credibility in the dental community. First, we now want to change our profile. We want to be the “Dental Marketing Expert”. This will add a ton of credibility to your LinkedIn profile. Do a search for dentists in the area you would like to work in. Begin to contact and send an invite to these dentists.

First thing we want to do when we are ready to approach dentists is change our profile to say, “Dental Marketing Expert”. This will give us credibility in the dental circles. Honestly, no one cares. But it will give you peace of mind.

Now you are ready to connect with dentists in your area. You will want to keep your invite to connect email short and sweet. To the point. You are not selling anything! You are just asking to connect on LinkedIn.

are ready to connect with dentists in your area. You will want to keep your invite to connect email short and sweet. To the point. You are not selling anything! You are just asking to connect on LinkedIn. Below is the connect email I send.

Once the dentist connects with you, you are going to send them the “Thanks for Connecting with Me on LinkedIn” email. Once we do that, we can expect roughly 30 to 50 percent to email us back allowing us to come see them.
This example below is the LinkedIn email I send out and you can see that I sent an appointment in just 4 hours. That is how well the LinkedIn marketing system I use works. It really is that simple.

The reason I like to ask about Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgeries is because these are big ticket items. We can start to drive that business to the dentist as well. Our first goal is to get the phone to ring and new patients coming in.

This simple LinkedIn system is how you can quickly begin to get quality appointments in addition to the other methods outlined in the course. With this method, email method, and the donut method you should be swimming in leads and putting great money in your bank account.

If you follow these prospecting techniques, you will never have to do the painful tasks of cold calling, prospecting by phone or direct mail. These are easy methods that are proven to work.