Growing Your Business Facebook Style

Categories: Social Media Management | Posted on Aug 8, 2017

Facebook offers small enterprises and businesses a wonderful opportunity to attract new contacts and customers, and network with like businesses and potential partners. It has the ability to assist companies with their interactions, creating a personal relationship with their existing customers. There are many different ways to utilize Facebook in a business capacity.

Advertising for Your Business
Understanding the nature of social media is the key. Social media is, well, social. You will not succeed if you focus only on marketing to your customers. That is a complete turn-off. They key is to build a real relationship. Create friendly, community-driven content and interact with customers on a personal basis and your fan or “business” page will become a popular community attraction. Everyone wants to feel a part of something. Make them more than a guest, make your customer a member of your online community.

While you‟re at it, make sure that all of your employees are involved in the process. If you hire college students it is highly likely that they have individual Facebook profiles. Encourage them into promoting your business and inviting their friends to become fans. As they are more likely to be more versed in social media than traditional marketers, staff can oftentimes be paid to generate posts.

Create a cozy, community atmosphere by creating an exclusive feel. Use Facebook to offer information to customers that also become Facebook fans. For example, provide discounts that can only be utilized if you are a Facebook fan. Remember to put the focus on relationship building and the rest will follow. Don‟t allow your fan page to become a marketing ploy. Folks see through that. Understand that with all the other fun stuff to do on Facebook you will be ignored if you are nothing but a sales pitch.

Encourage customer comments and suggestions on your Facebook page. Reply to as many as you have time for. Facebook fans can be your web focus group when trying out services or new products.

Facebook Pay Per Click
Another way to earn money using your Facebook page is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Advertisers will pay you for each click they receive from your page. If you have a popular Facebook page the more clicks you will most likely receive from your “fans” and the more money you can make.

Conversely, you can choose to create a Facebook PPC campaign and create an ad that can be run across Facebook. The benefits and usefulness of such an endeavor go back to what I stated previously, that you must first build a community on Facebook for your ads to have any effect on your potential customers.

Facebook offers you the opportunity to advertise to a broad demographic, and create a series of social actions that will enable you to grow your business across the community of millions. It is easy enough for a beginner to set up, or there are companies out there that can help you choose the appropriate keywords to associate with your ad.