Pricing Points For Offline Services

Categories: Offline Marketing | Posted on Aug 8, 2017

THE BEST SERVICES PRICE One thing a lot of people struggle with is how to price their services. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as your price will depend on many different factors. For example, pricing would be affected by:
 The current state of the economy
 Your location, and how much competition exists.
 How much you really need to make to cover expenses.
 The type of service being offered, and time allocated to each project.

Perhaps the most important factor has to do with you personally. Ultimately, you need to make enough to make it worth your time to perform this service. Determine what the absolute lowest price you would be willing to accept would be. Try to price your services at twice that rate. That way, if you have to come down in price to get the client, you’ll have a lot of leeway for negotiation before you reach your “lowest price”. You’ll also have to take into consideration your location. If there are a lot of web design firms around your area, many websites may already have a website. If your competition is keen on internet marketing, they may also be offering some of the same services. You may have to price competitively in order to gain business.

The economy is also a major factor. As much as it sucks, you may have to price your services far lower than you normally would if the economy is especially bad. When the economy is suffering, businesses aren’t making as much money, so they wouldn’t be able to pay you as much as they normally would, however by acquiring their business early on, when the economy picks up, you can begin to increase your prices accordingly.

Some people want a good starting point for pricing, so I’m going to give you some numbers you can use. Just keep in mind that pricing will vary greatly based on many factors, including special requests from the client, the client’s industry, and what type of site the client needs. Obviously a fully functional e-commerce store would cost much more than a simple five page website, so keep that in mind. These are just rough guidelines to get you started!

 5 Page Website : $250 – $500
 Email Marketing Setup : $150-$300
 Hosting : $5-$25 per month
 Initial SEO for a 5 Page Website : $150-$300
 Monthly SEO and Backlinking : $25-$100 per month
 Monthly Email Marketing : $25-$200
 Monthly Site Maintenance : $50-$150

Remember, these are just rough guidelines! For example, monthly email marketing could be anywhere from $25 for one short email per month up to several hundred dollars if you are expected to send several messages per week, or if you have to craft long and very detailed messages. Ultimately, your pricing will be highly dependent on what you feel you need to make for each service, and what exactly the client expects. Consider all options when creating your price structure. A client who pays you a recurring fee each month to host his or her website, and an additional fee to update it is far more valuable than a one-off project, and so you should consider adjusting your prices to offer them a feasible discount in order to retain them over the long run.