The Importance Of Having An Offline Business Plan

Categories: Offline Marketing | Posted on Aug 7, 2017

Creating your business plan is the first step in being able to connect with offline clients. You don’t need to spend a lot of money developing your service plans, and you really don’t need to even rent out office space when you are just getting started. Most of your meetings will take place at your clients business, but you can also communicate through phone regularly once you have sealed the deal. But first, do you remember how difficult everything seemed to be when you first started building an online business?

Remember how frustrating and outright daunting building that first blog or website felt? If you had someone come along and offer you an affordable solution where you didn’t have to lift a finger and they would set up a fully functional, optimized website for you, wouldn’t you have considered taking them up on that incredible deal? You need to keep that mindset when building your business plan and service offers. These offline businesses understand how important it is that they build an online presence, but many of them won’t understand exactly WHAT they need. You also want to come down to the beginner level with terminology as well.

If you approach a local business who is not familiar with the business terms used online like SEO or PPC, you will find it harder to land the project, because these people will only end up confused and unsure as to whether they are ‘cut out’ for this whole complicated online thing. You need to simplify it, to thoroughly explain the benefits of every service that you are offering and in the event that one of your services doesn’t fit a client’s business, it should never be part of the presentation. That means that every service offer you present to a potential client needs to be custom tailored to what you believe their business needs in order to expand their outreach and maximize their profits.

Catering to offline businesses involves far more than just developing their websites, although this is usually the first step in a variety of service agreements that you can build with each client. But think outside of the obvious first step…. After their website is developed, what next? What else can you offer that will make a genuine difference in their ability to promote their brand and company online.

  • What about traffic generation strategies?
    – Optimizing their websites for the search engines?
    – Generating back-links to their website?
  • Developing online promotional material and creatives or incorporating an affiliate program to help them generate fresh leads?