What Is Affiliate Marketing

Categories: Affiliate Marketing | Posted on Aug 8, 2017

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than selling the products or services of somebody else in return for a percentage of the sales proceeds as a commission.

It is a little like working as a commission only salesman for a real-world business. Just as would happen in this real-world scenario, if you make no sales, then you do not get paid.

Having said that, there are many advantages to selling products as an affiliate for the original creator:
You do not need to create your own product!
You do not need to carry inventory or worry about delivery.
You do not need your own merchant account to accept payments.

All you need to do is find a product and promote it successfully, and then cash your ‘paychecks’ when they arrive.
As you will discover while reading this book, there are thousands of merchants looking for affiliates to sell products for them.
Also, the types of products or services that are available to be sold by affiliates vary enormously, as do the commission rates that are paid by the product creators.

Depending upon the product, you will sometimes see businesses offering commission rates as high as 75%, whilst at the other extreme you will see percentages as low as 4% or 5% quoted.

However, viewed on their own, these figures mean little or nothing. I would much rather earn 5% of $10,000 than 75% of $50! In other words, you must look at both the percentage commission rate quoted and the product price to form a complete picture of whether a particular product offers you an attractive deal as an affiliate.